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Tvara Srivastava
Super Maker
Mar 11, 2020
In PrayogSkill Activities
Even though solving a jigsaw puzzle seems an easy task and does not involve much making, it is a great activity to develop communication and teamwork amongst students as these skills would be essential during more complicated activities. It would be advisable to search for or create puzzles which are more relatable to kids. The teachers can also select images of process oriented concepts and turn them into a puzzle. Resources needed 1 jigsaw puzzle set for a team of three Time needed 30 minutes Skills developed Team work, collaboration, ideation, logical reasoning, problem solving Instruction for students Step 1- You have a whole picture of the puzzle in front of you. Look at the picture carefully. Step 2- Start solving your puzzle! Instruction for teachers Concept Ask the students if they can identify the picture. If they can, observe how they are communicating regarding the picture. Take note of the first impressions the picture has on them and the context of those impressions. Strategy Identify if the teams are coming up with strategies to solve the puzzle quickly. If a particular team is struggling, suggest simple strategies like dividing parts of the picture to solve. However, give them adequate time to come up with a strategy of their own. Communication Track the mode of communication and if they can come to a consensus regarding the strategy. See, if potential leaders naturally emerge from the group. Assistance Let them function independently and figure out the puzzle. However, provide assistance if you find a group to be stuck.
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Tvara Srivastava

Super Maker
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