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Vidiyal Prayogshala

Vidiyal Prayogshala is a makerspace established by Tarunya Foundation in collaboration with Project Prayogshala with an endeavour to tap into the creative energies of children at the learning centre.

Vidiyal Learning Centre is an initiative under Tarunya Foundation. Vidiyal Learning Centre (VLC) is an after-school learning space established locally in the village that can be easily accessed by the children. This space functions as a hub for learning, ideating, discussing, experimenting and sharing of knowledge and experiences. One of the major objectives of this centre is to provide an opportunity and environment for the rural kids to tap into their creative energies, explore their potential and become achievers of tomorrow.

As an endeavour to create makers at VLC, Team Prayogshala collaborated with Tarunya Foundation to set up a pilot prayogshala at their Sivalingapuram VLC. There are about 30 children between the ages 7 to 14. Since this a physically available learning space, the project is being planned and executed on a long term basis. Currently, the students have bi-monthly workshops at the prayogshala where a lot of emphasis is laid on inculcating values and skills like discipline, collective work, problem-solving, team building etc while bringing out the creative genius of the young makers. The students have shown great interest and energy in the workshops conducted so far and are looking forward eagerly for the upcoming ones. It gives them a platform to try, explore, make mistakes and learn from them. The joy on their faces at the end of the workshop shows their love for this freedom to be able to do things on their own. Creative and interesting workshops are lined up with the help of a small inventory of resources gathered locally and the supporting materials provided by Team Prayogshala.


Kaviarasi Mariappan

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