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Infant Jesus Prayogshala

Infant Jesus Matriculation Higher Secondary School (IJMHSS) is a K-12 school located at Kalpakkam near Chennai in Tamil Nadu. The school caters to around 1300 children in the surrounding villages.

The Prayogshala at IJMHSS was set up for about 90 Class 7 students. The students were divided into 2 groups, and separate sessions were conducted for the students by 5 Prayogshala facilitators. The Infant Jesus Prayogshala aims to serve as a spot for students to let their creativity run free, form ideas with their peers, and innovate and create things to improve their hands-on knowledge and conceptual understanding of the topics they learn.

To establish the Prayogshala at IJMHSS, 5 Prayogshala facilitators inducted the students into the concept of ‘making’ and helped them understand the various skills and lessons that could be learnt through ‘making’. The sessions conducted were focussed on important skills such as creativity, teamwork, leadership skills, etc., with 'making' at the core of all the activities. The students enjoyed doing the activities, and it was very well received by the management as well. The Infant Jesus Prayogshala has been planned to run full-time, with students from various classes attending different sessions and doing activities based on their curriculum. Through the sessions, we aim to impart confidence and skills to students to ensure they're better prepared for the world they’re about to face.


Team Prayogshala

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