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Government Model School, Asawarpur

Government Model School, Asawarpur is a secondary level school with classes up to grade 8. A series of workshops were arranged here for 8th-grade students.

The Prayogshala team visited the Government Model School at Asawarpur to conduct a pilot run for a prayogshala. The pilot run was focussed mainly on the 8th-grade students. Both the school authorities and the students showed immense interest in the project right from the initial stages. The students were very inquisitive, open to challenges and eager to try out new things.
The team conducted weekly workshops for the students for a 8 month period. The workshops were planned on multiple important values like creativity, teamwork, leadership skills, etc., with 'making' at the core of all the activities. Many students showed great enthusiasm and took initiative, which encouraged all the students to take part in the activities and give their best.
Multiple workshops were also conducted on some academic concepts by volunteers from Ashoka University to make learning more simpler and practical.
Overall, the time spent at the school turned out to be a fun journey both for the students involved and for the Prayogshala team as a whole.


Team Prayogshala

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