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Volunteer your time with Project Prayogshala!

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Become a Super Maker and enable a million makers

Project Prayogshala is an initiative to democratize making through reimagined makerspaces known as Prayogshalas. Prayogshalas focus on creating a maker mindset without relying on expensive hardware. We equip educators with comprehensive resources that they can use to set up their own makerspaces and enable making in their communities.

Project Prayogshala is run by a set of volunteers known as the Super Makers. In the year 2021, we onboarded 9 new Prayogshalas, impacting over 1000+ children. As we grow, we are looking to onboard more makers onto our crew as we head towards our mission of enabling a million makers. You are welcome to join us as a Probationary Super Maker if you are keen to help us out in any of the following areas:

  • Activity Development (Activities that our young makers can do)

  • Community Engagement (Supporting the Prayogshala Educator Community)

  • Content Creation (Primarily for Social Media)

  • Partnerships (Outreach to onboard new Prayogshalas)

  • Time Commitment: 3hrs/week

  • And a curious mind that’s on the lookout to innovate :)

After the probationary period of three months, if you like us and we like you back, you will be made a Super Maker to continue with the journey of directly impacting 1000s of children. Excited? Join us in creating a maker revolution.

You can apply at

Watch the quick two-minute video to know more about Prayogshala!

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