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Created 11 Makerspaces reaching 1000+ students while just spending Rs. 4,900

Why Makerspaces?

As adults working in organizations, don’t we all know this feeling. We spent most of our lives in schools and colleges, but when we got our first job, we learned almost everything we did only by doing. Our school systems are largely built around a one-way learning system where the teacher explains and students listen; this is still important but we need to go beyond that if we want to truly equip students for jobs 10-15 years ahead where we don’t even know how the world we live in will exist.

What is Project Prayogshala?

Project Prayogshala is a reimagined makerspace initiative that focuses on creating a maker mindset without relying on expensive hardware. We equip educators with everything required to set up a Prayogshala, be it in a school, a library, or a community. These Prayogshalas would then function as collaborative spaces for children to express their creativity, experiment and learn through the art of ‘making’. By learning through ‘making’, the 21st-century skills inculcated in children coupled with the hands-on knowledge they acquire, make them better-equipped for their future.

What has been our impact?

We stepped into 2021 with just one active Prayogshala. However, through the course of 2021, with the help of many good samaritans and educators, we have now established 11 Prayogshalas, impacting over 1000 children in several parts of India, while spending just Rs. 4,900 on website and domain costs. These Prayogshalas have now become bustling spaces where children come together to enthusiastically innovate, explore and create!

How can you help us in 2022?

Like and follow us on Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook.

Spread the word about us among your circles and help us start more Prayogshalas!

Volunteer with us in areas such as content creation and social media engagement.⠀

Our Year In Snaps

Check out our social media post for a video on the impact we've created in 2021!

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