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Create Makers by setting up Prayogshalas 

Use our comprehensive PrayogBook and many more resources on this website to set up your own Prayogshala. Remember that you can set up your Prayogshala anywhere - be it online, classrooms, libraries or even community spaces.
And you can source all the material from your local community!

Let's get started!

Create a free account to begin the process of setting up a Prayogshala!
🎉We have received your interest to set up a Prayogshala. Someone from our team will get in touch with you shortly. Meanwhile, you can check out the interesting articles in the PrayogCorner.
🥳 Thank you for your interest in setting up a Prayogshala. Fill the below form to get started!
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PrayogBook is an all-inclusive book that contains all the information that is needed to set up a Prayogshala, and further explains how best to manage it.

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PrayogKit is a comprehensive resource kit that comprises various resources such as certificates, registers, sign boards, badges, etc. that you might need for your Prayogshala.

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PrayogCorner is where we, along with our community of makers, share tried and tested activities and ideas that could be implemented in other Prayogshalas.

Featured Prayogshalas

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