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reimagined makerspace that focuses on creating a maker mindset without relying on expensive hardware. We equip educators with everything required to set up a Prayogshala.

Project Prayogshala ensures that making is available to everyone through Prayogshalas. Prayogshalas are mini makerspaces that can be set in any space - be it online, classrooms, learning centers or libraries. We provide you with comprehensive resources that you can use to set up your own makerspaces and enable making to your community.

Project Prayogshala - Start a simple makerspace
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Why Prayogshala?

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Maker culture imparts 21st-century skills to the children

Most 21st-century skills are not, and cannot be taught theoretically, but only contextually. Therefore, it is important that the context is one that is relevant to children, and something that the child can engage with actively. Maker cultures in school play a major role in setting such context.

why prayogshala
Hands-on learning leads to school and community success

Studies suggest that dedicated spaces for hands-on learning lead to student success in many different ways. Prayogshala helps students develop a mindset to handle failures, and extend the skills learnt in a Prayogshala to the real world. A community of makers is always a successful community.

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Existing models for maker spaces are expensive to setup

Current models for maker spaces involve costly equipment and resources which make it highly inaccessible in a low-income setting. With Prayogshala, one can create a makerspace with cheap and easily accessible resources. This enables everyone to set up a cost-effective Prayogshala by themselves.

To create a community of makers through hands-on learning and proactive collaboration.



A maker mindset ensures development of holistic skills, instils creative confidence and makes learning relevant.

How does Prayogshala work?

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Enthusiastic Educators

who are passionate about making and instilling creative confidence in children

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Free Resources

such as activity guides, certificates, etc. provided by Project Prayogshala to run your own Prayogshala

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Dedicated Space

where making can happen. It could be anywhere - online, classrooms, libraries, learning centres, etc.

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Community of Makers

with creative confidence and maker mindset


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Prayogshala has allowed students to exhibit skills such as leadership, taking responsibility, management, arranging alternatives, communication, showcasing demos, explaining their work to non-class members, and most of all, creativity! Students now have the space to find their voices in this class, which inherently makes them more confident to talk up in theoretical academic classes.


Hitashi Shah, Fellow - Teach For India

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